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New Season…New Challenges

Not only is there a new look to our team this season, there will also be a new look to the Capital One Arena. There will be no tables on the lower level of the concourse and only four tables on the 4th level during the entire upcoming season. This affects the Fan Club, all sponsors and the Caps marketing department – anyone who has had a table on the lower level.

As one door closes, we hope another one opens. The Board will work harder to reach you through social media. We will send out more emails; we are updating our website; we have opened a Pay Pal account and we will be more active on Facebook and Twitter. We will have autographed membership pucks for our membership packets again this season; we will sponsor viewing parties; we have our trips set for the season and we will continue our monthly membership meetings. We will continue to be an invaluable fellowship of Caps fans. Stop by Section 110 or during intermission at any home game. We will be there! Go Caps!

If you have any questions, please contact us via one of these emails:

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