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Thanks to all of you who joined us for the Teddy Bear Toss Game in Hershey, PA on Sunday January 29. We all were able to witness history in more ways than one!

Image courtesy of Kim Brace

This was the first time in the history of the Bears Teddy Bear Toss Games (since 2001) that no goals were scored by the home team and the first time the officials were forced to end the game early. The loss made it awkward for the players since they were bummed by the loss and lack of goals so there was not the joyous mayhem of years past when most of the players would jump into the massive piles of teddy bears. After all, prior to this year, their record was 14-2-2 for this very special occasion.

Image courtesy of Rich Stanage

The good news was that the record of 52,341 stuffed animals made last year was broken in a big way, 67,309 stuffed animals made it to the ice in Giant Arena. It is always a thrilling sight to see the cuddly avalanche. The stuffed animals are donated to 35 local children’s charities. Because the record was broken, the Sweigart Family Foundation donated $50,000 to the Children Miracle Network. Since 2001, 389,508 stuffed animals have been donated. This game will be an annual event for the Fan Club as long as the Caps do not have a home game that day. Make sure you are a member and join us next year. It is a fun and unique experience-even when there are no Hershey goals scored!


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